Business of Craft Episode 58 Stacy Jones on Branding and Influencer Marketing


My guest today Stacy Jones is the founder and owner of Hollywood Branded, an agency recognized as one of the top entertainment marketing agencies in the industry. They specialize in building brand recognition and creating consumer desire for what influencers endorse. Stacy has worked with brands such as BlackBerry, Bumble, Canadian Club, Crayola, Pilot Pen, and White Cloud.

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#1 First, let’s start with a little bit of background on Hollywood Branded and what you do? [1:48]

#2 Can you elaborate a little bit about what you tell your clients about what it means to have a brand? [4:24]

#3 What else do you consider tools of brand building? [6:20]

#4  How can experiences build a brand? [11:24]

#5 Can you tell our listeners about what that is and how to use a style guide? [17:25]

#6 What do you think are some mistakes business owners make when it comes to brand? [22:22]

#7  Can you tell us a little more about how those arrangements (utilitizing celebrity influencers) work? [27:57]

#8 What are you seeing in the realm of artificial influence these days? [32:50]

#9 How will we all become influencers as individuals?[38:44]

#10 To me, this just means we’ll see a pendulum shift over to the emphasis on building authentic trust and brand affinity. Let’s talk about how crafty companies can actually do that. [41:40]

#11 In the world of influencer marketing, are there any other trends you’re seeing that you think might be helpful to our crafty entrepreneurs listening today? [44:00]

#12 Tell us about the worst Hollywood shark you’ve ever been in the water with. No need to mention names, but walk us through a story about where you were almost eaten alive? [46:10]