Business of Craft Episode 31 Stephen Woessner

Business of Craft Episode 31


Our guest today is our first encore guest on Business of Craft. His first show on lead generation was one of the most downloaded episodes so I invited him back to talk to us about his new book, Profitable Podcasting. Stephen Woessner is the CEO of Predictive ROI, an agency focused on Podcast production, Search engine Optimization and Webinar Creation and distribution.

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#1 Let’s talk about the podcasting trend and growth. I read recently read on Jay Baer’s site that 42 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly and that podcasting is growing at a rate of around 20% annually and the average listener subscribes to at least 6 podcasts. [3:24]

#2 Your book is an amazing how-to guide to get started on podcasting- tell us more about how the book was born? [5:07]

#3 What would be the top 3 ways that you can make money with a podcast? [8:19]

#4 What do you think is the worst rookie mistake a new podcaster can make? [13:53]

#5 For anyone out there interested in giving it a try, what equipment or other tools you highly recommend? [17:30]

#6 Is a studio set up necessary? [19:16]

#7 Can you give our listeners just a snippet of what Kevin Kelly’s concept of 100 true fans is all about? [22:50]

#8 Why would you say it is important for business owners to have clarity around their point of view? [26:35]

#9 In addition to podcasting, what kinds of business support services do you offer at Predictive ROI? [31:26]

#10 How would you coach someone who says I want to do a podcast, but I don’t know what my point of view is? [34:55]

#11 How would you advise someone dealing with fears – what if I hate it? what if it’s so time-consuming? – what are the options or outs they can consider? [37:50]

#12 What do you think about the series method of production? [41:12]

#13 One of the things you include in the book is a recipe for the Guest Advocacy system. Can you elaborate on what that is?

#14 What are some of the shows that you subscribe to that might be of interest to our listeners? [42:56]

#15 Can you tell our listeners about Onward Nation? [45:38]

#16 I know that you were in the air force and worked with missile silos… I’m curious if you call upon any of that experience in your daily life as a business owner? [47:51]