Business of Craft Episode 44 Susan Baier on Segmenting


My guest today is Susan Baier, head honcho at Audience Audit, a company specializing in attitudinal audience segmentation research.  Today we’re going to chat about how crafty businesses can harness the power of segmenting for better customer engagement.


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#1 Let’s just give a quick primer on segmentation. What is it and why do savvy crafty business owners utilize it? [1:50]

#2 Segmenting goes beyond just dividing the customers into groups, you really focus on dividing them according to behaviors. Can you speak to that? [4:20]

#3 How do you gather that feedback? Are you using the customer’s lists or a larger survey pool or both? [7:13]

#4 How do you advise clients that might be just starting out and they have no list?  [9:37]

#5 Are your clients surprised by the different segments that emerge? [12:15]

#6 I’m curious about some of the more common mistakes you see people making with segmentation? How do they get it wrong? [19:05]

#7 A few years ago, you and I worked on an audience audit project for a Stitchcraft Marketing client who is a B2C retailer and he wanted more insights into his customer base. I was fascinated by the results because we were able to see a whole new side of his customer beyond just demographics. What were some of the outcomes of that research that you recall? [28:06]

#8 After we did the research, we created several new avatar personas and then crafted marketing strategies around them. It was really powerful. [35:10]

#9 Do you have a sense of the perfecting crafting client for this research? [37:51]

#10 I want to congratulate you too on your work with Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin, the book Talk Triggers which came out Oct 2 is something you were heavily involved in. Can you tell us more about that work? [40:17]

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