Business of Craft Episode 18 Ted Hoffman Farm to Fabric

Business of Craft Episode 18 Ted Hoffman


In today’s episode,  Leanne talks with Ted Hoffman of Clothworks. They discuss the farm to fabric movement behind Clothworks’ latest venture. Ted shares his philosophies about the triple bottom line. Lastly, Ted talks about early mistakes and the lesson of fire fast.

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#1 Can you give us a little background on the history of Clothworks? [1:34]

#2 Let’s start with the origins of the cotton for “American Made Brands”, which you call the Farm to Fabric Movement. Can you elaborate for our listeners what that is exactly? [5:59]

#3 I watched the video that included the interview with some of the next generation of cotton farmers. Can you tell us why that’s so important to Clothworks to work with those folks? [13:31]

#4 Could you tell us more about the next phase for Clothworks which is to expand American Made into baby and children’s bedding? [18:45]

#5 Did your decision to develop this line come about due to the changes in the retail landscape for quilting and fabric sales? [22:11]

#6 Tell us about the interesting things you discovered how your family tree that has some relevance to Clothworks and American Made brand? [24:44]

#7 When you’re talking to your local quilt shop owner, what do you tell them about how to survive in the changing retail landscape? [28:57]

#8 How does the philosophy of aiming to increase the “triple bottom line” inform your daily work lives at Clothworks? [33:45]

#9 What advice would you have for other crafty entrepreneurs seeking to have some sort of generosity component to their marketing? Are there any pitfalls to pursuing the triple bottom line? [38:45]

#10 Do you ever struggle with the balance between the parts of the triple bottom line? [41:58]

#11 How do you find designers for your collections? [43:11]

#12 What mistakes have you learned as CEO that still serve you today? [47:12]

#13 Since we were talking about future thinking, this might seem appropriate: What is one thing you still do the old-fashioned way? [52:29]