Business of Craft Episode 63 TL Robinson on Starting a Passion Based Business


My guest today is TL Robinson.  She is the founder and CEO of Mass Eden, a natural body care products business. I wanted to have her come on the show to share her journey about leaving her corporate job to take the leap and following her passion into creating natural body care products. Today we discuss the attributes you need to be a successful entrepreneur when passion is what’s leading you, the concept of failing fast, and why inclusion is one of the most important aspects of her brand.

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#1 I know your experience with your own skin issues was part of your origin story so I’m thinking we should start our conversation there and have you talk to us about those first pivotal moments. [2:10]

#2 I don’t know that I’m convinced that everyone should follow his or her passions into business. How would you recommend someone go about this process of self-evaluation before they take the leap? [5:43]

#3 I am always curious about the role of fear in being an entrepreneur. I’m a big fan of Seth Godin and he talks about the lizard brain and how we constantly have to do battle keeping that primordial aspect of our decision-making in check. How did the lizard brain manifest for you and what did you do to tackle that fear instinct? [10:42]

#4 What are some of your habits or hacks that you use that might be adopted by our listeners? [13:37]

#5 Are there any mistakes you made with Mass Eden that made you more successful? [18:21]

#6 I know a lot of folks dip their toes into the passion project starting as a side-hustle but they keep their main gig. Is that something you considered doing? [24:10]

#7 Can you explain the concept of Fail Fast to our listeners and why it’s important for entrepreneurs? [30:24]

#8 I’ve seen so many quilt or yarn or scrapbooking business owners falter because even though they LOVE quilting for example, they don’t LOVE retail and on some level, loving business is the critical component of success, not just your love of crafting or passion about helping people find better personal care products. Would you agree with that? [32:44]

#9 It seems there are so many chemicals and irritants in the average beauty/ body care products and I love that yours is so different. Tell us a little bit about why they’re better? [35:30]

#10 If you weren’t in the green wellness space, what would you like to do? [38:20]

#11 If you had a billboard on the side of the road, what would you put on it? [40:42]

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Eric Ries: Lean Startup which covers the concept of “fail fast”.