Business of Craft Episode 26 Vickie Howell on Building Your Brand

Business of Craft Episode 26 Vickie Howell


In this episode, we talk with Vickie Howell, a true success story in personal branding.  We talk about her launch of the first tv-quality yarn crafting show and visual cues that are important in building a personal brand. Vickie also shares why she self-identifies as a double Scorpio jazz hander!

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#1 Can you share a little bit of your origin story before we look more closely at the evolution of your brand? [3:03]

#2 How would you describe the Vickie Howell Brand? [8:55]

#3 Do you think in those early years you had an intention to build a brand or was it more of an accidental incarnation? [13:12]

#4 I’m intrigued by some of the visual queues that go into the building of a brand… do you think that’s an essential part of brand-building? [17:25]

#5 Tell us about your successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $83K in 30 days to launch The Knit Show with Vickie Howell. [24:22]

#6 Do you have other tools you use for the people you work with such as style guides for your brand? [33:04]

#7 Is there anything you’ve learned along the way that hurts a brand? [37:33]

#8 At the very beginning stages of building a personal brand, what would you say are some of the key elements to getting off on the right foot? What are the must-do’s or the must-don’ts? [41:35]

#9 If you had the chance to put up one big billboard on the main highway with just a few lines of text, what would it be? [44:27]