Search Engine Optimization for Your Craft Website or Blog

Have you been blogging about your craft business since long before SEO became “a thing”?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how your website gets ranked in search engine results. SEO is enhanced through strategic keyword (search term) placement throughout your website and consistent publishing of keyword-rich content.

Stitchcraft Marketing has an elite – and craft conscious – SEO team ready to optimize your current website through strategic optimization of your current website and with consistent, keyword-rich blog post content. Choose one or both – either will enhance your search ranking over time.

Our targeted approach:

  1. 30-minute meeting to identify core web pages and blogs to optimize (focus on cornerstone and evergreen content)
  2. Stitchcraft will conduct keyword research to identify keywords that are specific, relevant, and competitive.
  3. Stitchcraft will revise headings, text, alt text and meta text on each page to include keywords. 


  • Updated webpages (packages available for 10, 20, or 30 pages)
  • Instructions to request reindexing of updated sites
  • Spreadsheet including each current page rank for targeted keyword and periodic updates