On this episode, we will chat with Stephen Woessner, of Predictive ROI, to demystify the topic of lead generation. After hearing Stephen today, you will have a clear and concise understanding of Lead Gen– what it means and how to use it to grow your business.

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#1: Let’s start with basic definitions. When we say “LEAD GEN” what does that mean? [3:20]

#2  Walk us through how a crafty business entrepreneur would utilize lead generation to grow their business? [6:02]

#3 So the very basic first step would be what?If you could do one thing today to get the lead gen ball rolling, what would that be? [10:44]

#4 Understanding your customer avatar is key, and there may be more than one customer avatar. How do you use targeting, content and creative appropriately to address the needs of the customer?  [13:45]

#5 There are platforms like Sharpspring (which we use at SCM) designed specifically to help implement lead generation campaigns. Can you briefly describe how those work? [22:25]

#6 Is there a place for lead gen in every size business? [24:45]

#7 How can podcasts and other outbound content efforts bolster a lead gen campaign? How does that work?[28:08]

#8  In Profitable Podcasting, your subtitle tagline says “Build a nation of true fans” and I’m so interested in this concept presumably from Kevin Kelly’s article that you only need 1000 true fans to be successful. How does podcasting help develop that tribe? [30:38]

#9 I know you to be a very generous person who freely gives away what you know and you’re sincerely dedicated to helping small business owners learn, grow and scale. Where does that motivation come from for you? [36:30]

#10 There is an unspoken fear among crafty biz owners that if something is successful for them, they want to keep it a secret and NOT share that tool or trick because then their competitor might do it too. Why would you argue that is NOT the path to true business success? [39:28]


Website popovers: Yes or No? [45;09]

Google ad network ads on your website: Worth it or not? [45:24]

Team dog or team cat? [46:36]

Meta Keyword field? Use it or Kill it? [47:06]

Retargeting- effective or too creepy? [48:11]

Avatar in the Animal Kingdom at Disney- great idea or bad idea? [49:09]