April, 2017

8 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to Track Your Social Media Marketing Program

You’re spending time, money, and resources on your social media and marketing program, and you want to know, “What am I getting out of this?” Unless a customer tells you that one of your marketing efforts got them to buy…

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Managing Retailer Relationships

As an independent dyer, pattern designer, or manufacturer of craft tools, you need to manage your relationships with your retailers in a way that keeps them happy while benefiting your bottom line. The challenges of making this a profitable relationship…

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Grow Your Instagram Following & Drive Traffic To Your Website

The Instagram Power-Up is a 1-month boost to increase activity, traffic, and impact of an Instagram channel for our clients. We’ve seen a lot of activity and engagement shift from other social media channels over to Instagram. The importance of…

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Supporting Your Local Yarn Store

What does your ideal town look like? Is it a maze of divided roadways along which asphalt parking lots serve as approaches to big-box retailers? Or is it a main-street kind of town with storefronts lining sidewalks for window-shopping? There…

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