Grow Your Instagram Following & Drive Traffic To Your Website

case study: grow instagram following and traffic to website

The Instagram Power-Up is a 1-month boost to increase activity, traffic, and impact of an Instagram channel for our clients. We’ve seen a lot of activity and engagement shift from other social media channels over to Instagram. The importance of Instagram is twofold: the primary goal is to engage with customers and increase brand awareness. It is essential to the the longevity of your company to not only exist on social media, but to be continually growing your audience. With this new service, we will not only grow your audience, but also use proven methods to drive traffic to your website, newsletter, or some other conversion metric.

The Instagram Power-Up is unique from other services we’ve offered in the past because we guarantee our results. If you don’t see 7% growth on your Instagram following, we’ll give you your money back. We implemented this program for our client, June Cashmere for the entire month of March, focusing our results on two metrics: growth of the Instagram following and increased traffic from Instagram to Besides a target goal of 7% more followers, we projected a 15% increase in traffic to the client website from Instagram.

It’s important to note that we purposely didn’t set sales as a goal for this program. We strongly believe in the know-like-trust funnel of marketing: in order to earn a sale from a customer, they must first get to know, like, and trust your company first, and that takes time! While our ultimate goal is to grow sales for all of our clients, the goal of this program was to increase brand awareness and build trust with the June Cashmere audience.

The stats are in, and we’re excited to say we crushed those goals! June Cashmere’s Instagram Following grew 25%, and the traffic from Instagram to their website increased by 90% from February to March. We’re thrilled to have exceeded our projections, and glad to know that our hard work has paid off!

So, how did we achieve these great results?

  • Content.

June Cashmere already had a ton of amazing and beautiful photos sharing their story of cashmere yarn made from fiber collected by shepherds in rural Kyrgyzstan. We looked at their past posts and analyzed what types of photos resonated best with their audience, and created new content in those areas. We also put together mood boards with color suggestions for a pattern, and reposted photos featuring June Cashmere yarn from users. More importantly, we increased posting frequency to 4-6 posts per week, and worked with June Cashmere to guide them for future photoshoots on the types of photos that resonate with their audience.

Finally, we experimented with video content in March. The found of June Cashmere, Sy, lives in Kyrgyzstan and was able to send us short clips that showed life in Kyrgyzstan. Since video is favored in the Instagram algorithm, we were able to capitalize on this and we saw great engagement on our video posts.

  • Engagement.

We spent much more time engaging with customers on Instagram: commenting on other people’s posts, responding to comments on June Cashmere’s posts, and liking posts from our followers. Although we were able to automate some of this activity, we did most of it manually to maintain the brand voice and personal style.

  • Call to Action.

You wouldn’t want every single post to point to your website, but peppering in a few posts that feature a product and encourage people to visit the website for more info is an effective way to trigger that action. Many studies have shown across social media channels that the best way to garner engagement is to ask for it.

Would you like help growing your Instagram following and measuring success, but not sure how? Contact Leanne to learn more about our Instagram Power-Up and how we can help you make magic for your brand,


Mari Chiba Luke

Spend a few minutes with Mari and you quickly realize two things: she’s passionate about all things knitting and design, and she goes the extra mile for clients who appreciate her dedication and fresh insights. Mari also spearheads our pattern support program and manages the designer database. Mari has a BS in Economics from Northeastern University. She learned to knit while serving in the Peace Corps and began designing knitting patterns while teaching English in China. Her patterns have been published by yarn companies and Interweave Knits, Knitscene, The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, Twist Collective, and Clotheshorse magazines. If she isn’t knitting she can be found outside frolicking in the woods or tending to her newborn. You can read her design blog at Mari Knits.

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