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The craft retailer industry, known for its creativity and passion, faces unique challenges, particularly in acquiring and retaining customers. One of the most significant hurdles is the high cost of customer acquisition (CAC). As the digital landscape grows more competitive, traditional marketing methods can seemingly...

In the vibrant world of craft retail, where creativity meets commerce, the first impression you make can set the tone for a lasting relationship. As crafty business owners, you understand the significance of every interaction with your clientele. In this digital age, where communication plays...

You might think it’s best to run your crafty business based on either your customers or your numbers - not both. Or you may let knowledge of one dictate your big decisions and goals over the other. At Stitchcraft, we get that it seems easier...

Let’s be real. Running a craft business is tough. Between day-to-day operations like sales and employee management, keeping up on your inventory, engaging your customers, staying ahead of trends, and not freaking out over economic roller coasters, the books can be the last thing on...