On this episode, Leanne Pressly, owner of Stitchcraft Marketing, talks about how to freshen up your website with 7 steps in 7 days. Leanne will share with us some steps she believes are key to having a successful and presentable website. To view the webinar, click here!


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[2:26] Leanne was a website designer and hosting provider in the 2000’s.

[2:30] Interweave Press planted the seed for the Stitchcraft Marketing agency around 2009.

[3:05] BA in English and MA in Sociology.


[3:30] It’s normal to feel like your website needs updating and that you are behind, Leanne has felt the same way.

[4:30] Leanne used Publisher that created GIFs for her first website, which turned out to be a disaster.

[5:20] Leanne’s favorite website that she always refers people to is called lingscars.com

[5:55] Even companies like Apple had bad first websites.


[6:22] You’re not sure what to change.

[6:35] You don’t have the money and can’t afford it.

[6:45] Not sure if change if worth all the time and effort.

[6:53] Don’t have the skills to make the changes yourself.

[7:00] Not sure how to communicate changes to webmaster.

[7:04] Overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

[7:17] Leanne gets it, “I’d rather be in my craft room.”


[8:15] All customers will go through the phases of the spectrum of “know,” “like,” and “trust.”

[9:07] If you post something on social media that a customer approves of, you will score brownie points and be “liked” by them.

[9:33] Customers will always ask you questions, moving through the different phases of the funnel.

[10:10] It is important to have all of these pieces as you move through your marketing efforts.

DAY 1:

[10:36] You should be looking at responsive design website that is responsive to the orientation of your website, which is important for your users.

[11:06] 70% of people are referencing information from the web on their tablet or mobile device.

[11:21] Google is now favoring websites that are responsive.

[11:41] A quick and easy way to check if your website is responsive is to search.

DAY 2:

[12:51] Newsletter building.

[13:09] Some platforms that Leanne recommends is MailChimp or Constant Contact.

[13:30] The newsletter is the most important thing on your website, capture as many names as possible.

[14:20] Pop-ups should have an “upon exit trigger”, so it doesn’t annoy your viewer.

[15:51] Newsletter lists are a gold mine!

DAY 3:

[16:05] Remove clutter!

[16:25] Your website should have a clear call to action, don’t distract from that.

[16:47] Leanne recommends to have a “clean, crisp, and easy to navigate website.”

[16:53] Start with your end in mind; are you selling, educating, or engaging on your website?

[17:05] Think about your ad to content ratio, important to Google, they will ding you. ‘

[17:25] Have clear linking pathways.

DAY 4:

[19:55] Improve your photography.

[20:10] Instagram and Pinterest are liked by viewers because they can see and connect to photos.

[20:56] Hiring someone or taking high-quality photos is a MUST for your website.

[21:14] Lighting and location are key factors for a good photograph. Have inspirational backdrops.

[21:44] Lifestyle photography – an aspirational setting – show how your product makes your customer’s life better.

[23:35] Flat lay shot is an overhead shot.

DAY 5:

[24:57] Look at metadata and keywords. You want to optimize your pages for the highest rankings.

[25:29] You want your website to appear first when it is searched on google or as high as possible in the ranking.

[26:05] Yoast is a quick and easy plug in to receive scoring of your page’s rankings. Does all the work for you.

[26:48] Consider your page title!

[28:41] Optimize the page description to include your most important keywords.

[29:33] Update your alt tags on graphics and images.

DAY 6:

[30:50] Add a blog page.

[31:13] Blogs help with SEO and help your customer to move through the “Know, Like, and Trust” funnel.

[32:11] Without a platform to share content that will connect you with a customer, you’re missing out on an opportunity to create likeability and trust that helps customers convert.

[32:26] Be consistent with your blog efforts!

[32:48] Google values new, fresh content.

[33:12] Don’t forget to brand your images and graphics on your blog.

[34:11] Plan your content with a theme. This will focus your topics for the blog.

DAY 7:

[36:56] The About Us page, don’t overlook this opportunity!

[37:44] Include photos of you, your business, an origin story and details to help your customer know, like & trust you.