Business of Craft Episode 12 Gwen Bortner


Leanne’s guest today is no stranger to the knitting world. Gwen Bortner has been a figure in the scene since the early 80’s.  She goes by multiple titles: teacher, speaker, coach, and trainer. Listen in as they talk about how organizational optimization will take your business to the next level and how one chicken feather wreath tells the story of her home!

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#1 Our topic today is to talk about organizational optimization. You’ve been doing a lot of work consulting yarn companies to get organized…. Let’s unpack that a little bit with a definition of what that is? [2:40]

#2 What is the most common issue you see with crafty entrepreneurs when it comes to organizational issues? [7:48]

#3 How do you convince clients to prioritize organizational optimization? [12:06]

#4 One other thing that is tricky is balancing time and resources spent on internal organization vs. sales processes. How do you help clients decide on that balance?

#5 How do you help clients decide how much time to put into each bucket and keep the balance? [17:14]

#6 How do you coach clients to gain greater focus? [23:00]

#7 How far out do you encourage your clients to map out their goals? [27:00] 

#8 During our chat at TNNA, you mentioned you were starting something new for the yarn industry, can you share the details? [31:13]

#9 Tell us when the first mastermind group starts? [38:00]

#10 Can you tell us about your one-on-one coaching? [40:49]


#11 What is one thing you still do the old fashioned way? [45:01]