Business of Craft Episode 6

Welcome to Episode #6 of Business of Craft

On this episode, Leanne Pressly, owner of Stitchcraft Marketing, talks about how to freshen up your website with 7 steps in 7 days. Leanne will share with us some steps she believes are key to having a successful and presentable website. To view the webinar, click here

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#1 Get to know Leanne. [2:26]

#2 Leanne’s 1st website. [3:30]

#3 Reasons people believe they shouldn’t update their website. [6:22]

#4 The “Know, Like, and Trust” Funnel. [8:15]

The 7 Steps to Freshen Your Website

Day 1: A responsive website is important! [10:36]

Day 2: Build your newsletter. [12:51]

Day 3: Remove the clutter! [16:05]

Day 4: Improve your photography. [19:55]

Day 5: Optimize your website with metadata and keywords. [24:57]

Day 6: Blogging! [30:50]

Day 7: The About Us page! [36:56]