April, 2016

What Makes a Knitting Pattern a Classic?

In the last post, we looked at the difference between the Hot Right Now (HRN) pattern list on Ravelry and the Top 25 Patterns with the Most Projects list. HRN reflects the patterns that Ravelers are looking at right now,…

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Who’s the Audience for Your Website?

Your business website is a showcase as well as a tool. As a wholesaler or manufacturer, you may think that you are selling only to your retailers, but keep in mind that consumers searching for your products may arrive at…

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The Ravelry Pattern Page: Trends and Classics

While Instagram and Pinterest can spike interest in a particular knitting or crochet pattern, Ravelry continues to be the most influential social media site for the yarn industry. Its user-generated database catalogues both the new and the old, the hot…

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