March, 2017

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Pinterest

Getting noticed on Pinterest isn’t easy, even when your target market is pinning every day and seems to share all sorts of content but yours. If you want to get noticed on busy and bright Pinterest feeds, you need to…

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7 Steps for Freshening Your Website in 7 Days

If it’s been over 15 months since you updated your website, odds are it’s already out of date! We know it can be tough to keep up with the fast pace of technology – but you don’t want to have…

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Pinterest for Crafty Businesses: Optimize for Better Visibility

Pinterest is more than a social media channel – it’s a visual search engine, and there are more sales coming from Pinterest to small businesses than any other social media site, and this is particularly true for craft businesses. 55% of…

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Overview: Ravelry Yarn Database

You’re a yarn manufacturer, and you want to sell yarn. While there are many avenues where you can advertise your yarns – knitting magazines, Facebook, Instagram, and in-person at industry shows – those often cost money with difficult to measure…

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Craftivism: The Impact Of The Pussy Hat

In our previous blog post, we discussed Craftivism’s resurgence during the Women’s March at the end of January. Crafting has become the face of this movement; just look at the front page of the New York Times and the covers…

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