Facebook Pro Tips

Facebook Pro Tips

Facebook should be part of every company’s social media marketing strategy. We’ve gathered our pro tips to make your channel more effective and better engage your audience. Check out our Infographic for key tips to remember!

Facebook Posting Frequency

For Facebook, posts tend to stay in the newsfeed longer than on other social media sites like Twitter, so it’s important to not post too frequently. When readers see similar posts from the same person over and over they stop reading, and can ‘hide’ the post which will affect the page’s Edgerank, which means that posts from your business page are unlikely to ever show up in that person’s news feed again.

Ideal number of posts: 1 per day, and vary the time of day. Sometimes in late morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and sometimes in early evening.

Other posting throughout the day should be replies to comments or comments on other pages, but not new posts on your wall.

Facebook Posting Content and defining your brand:

More personalized posts are fine, but try to be generic. Ex: “We love this ____” instead of “I love____”

Don’t post about your family members or personal life.

If you want to share one of your projects try “One of our staff members recently made _____” and attach a photo.

Consistency helps people know what to expect. If you sometimes post personal info, sometimes quotes, and other times yarn ads, people won’t know what to expect, and are more likely to see it all as white noise.

Quality is more important than quantity.

Posts with a photo or video have greater Edgerank value than simply a status update.

Facebook Content Ideas

People love project ideas, so post pattern photos with links for the yarn, or suggest yarn substitutions with links.

Link to your other social media channels.

Blend in some humorous posts.

Remember to periodically link over to your newsletter sign up as those names will always be yours! (Facebook cannot take them away from you)Vertical infographic summarizing tips for posting to Facebook: Consider timing, post mostly photos, interact with posts, post daily, and get feedback.

Leanne Pressly
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    I’ve been using some of tips above and it gives me wonderful result

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