Business of Craft podcast Episode 13 Sabrina Famellos on Growth with Intention


Today Leanne speaks with Sabrina Famellos, of Sabrina shares with us her experience in conquering the new business learning curve, how to grow your business with intention, and when’s the best time to make new hires. Also, Sabrina explains why it is not a good idea to learn Greek and Japanese at the same time.

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#1 Can you tell us a little more about your beginnings? [1:40]

#2 How did you bridge to being an independent yarn dyer? [2:53]

#3 Was there some intention behind choosing Anzula? [5:10]

#5 Tell us about your crowdfunding campaign and how that took a turn you weren’t expecting. [8:12]

#6 What was your experience with the crowdfunding campaign? [10:22]

#7 Did you have any growing pains with scaling so fast? [13:42]

#8 How did you decide when it was an appropriate time to hire an employee and what kind of work did you delegate to them, versus the work you kept for yourself? [17:18]

#9 How did you decide the number of employees to bring on at a time? [19:36]

#10 Do you have other tools, tricks, or spreadsheets to help you with planning your growth? [21:08]

#11 You mentioned to me before our show that you’ve got some new yarn lines coming out, tell us about that? [22:30]

#12 Do you do pattern development as well? [24:14]

#13 Tell us about how you organize the pattern side of the business. [24:48]

#14 What’s your insider secret to getting well-known designers to want to work with your yarns? [26:09]

#15  You and I share a love of languages so I wanted to wrap up our show with my usual curiosity question about that. Can you tell us about learning two languages at the same time? [30:49] 

#16 Being able to delegate is important. We spoke with Gwen Bortner on organizational optimization and learned in the 5-7 year mark is when businesses need to have that system in place. Was that true for you? [35:39]

#17 Did you put the policies and procedures in place or were you able to let your managers help mold those practices? [37:00]

#18 How do you share that knowledge with new employees and the rest of the team? Do you have an onboarding process? [37:47]

#19 As you mentioned earlier, your family origin is Greek, but you told me at a TNNA party that your favorite language is Japanese. What’s your favorite thing about the Japanese culture that you incorporate into your daily life? [39:56]

#20 How do you feel about the Marie Kondo simplicity movement? [40:25]

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