Do You Have A Youtube Channel?

Do You Have A Youtube Channel?

Youtube is America’s second largest search engine, and is commonly thought to hold second place throughout the world. It receives over three billion searches a month! The fiber industry is not an exception.

More and more we hear people say “Oh, I just learned this new cast-on on YouTube”. Every business in the yarn industry should consider creating their own YouTube channel, and uploading videos themselves. Just search for knitting on YouTube and you’ll come up with over 500,000 results!

If you are an LYSO…
YouTube is your friend, not your enemy. Sure, there are things that people can learn on YouTube that you also teach as a class in your shop, but use YouTube to your advantage. Create a YouTube playlist with all of your favorite technique tutorials, so that your customers can look up quality videos through your YouTube channel, and know that they are getting great advice. Remind your customers that although YouTube is great for remembering a technique, it’s difficult to learn new skills from a video that can’t tell you when you are doing something wrong, or tell you when you’ve made a mistake. Those are things only human interaction can provide! If you have a special way of doing something you can also create your own YouTube channel. This will establish you as an expert, and people are more likely to come to you when they have other questions!

If you make needles and/or other tools
Create videos that show how to use your product, and your products in action. Create videos that explain the unique benefits and traits of your specific products. If you sell interchangeable knitting needles, show people how to tighten the needles. If you sell knitting bags, show how much yarn you can fit into the bag. The possibilities are endless! You can also create videos that show how the products are made.

If you are a yarn company…
Make videos that educate people on how different fibers are better suited for some projects than others. For example, making slippers out of silk yarn might not be as successful as making a shawl with that same silk yarn, and using a wool yarn for the slippers. Educate your audience on how to substitute yarns, and provide tips on how to choose the best yarn for their projects.

Three main goals of web video content
There are many different types of videos that companies in the fiber industry can create to engage audiences. Each video should focus on one or these goals:

1. Inform – These videos should inform the viewer about the company or industry.
2. Educate – These videos are meant to service the viewer with a how-to video or product demo.
3. Entertain – This type of video is pure entertainment – but can be great for building relationships with your customers.

Here are some examples of company videos:

Inform – Informative Company Video

Educate – Product Demo

Educate How-To Technique Video

Entertain Outtakes

Since YouTube continues to grow and gain users, it’s important for all businesses in the fiber industry to also participate in this medium. Skacel has really taken this to another level by creating a completely internet based knitwear design contest and posting all of the videos on their own YouTube channel.

More and more we see a shift towards visual content online. With all of the social media channels increasingly leaning towards pictures and infographics, it’s important for every business to make the most of this trend to engage customers.

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