Turning Your Twitter Account Into A Community

Turning Your Twitter Account Into A Community

Twitter is a fast paced social media network. It’s important for every company to engage with their users through social media, but unless you have a lot of spare time, or a person dedicated to moderating social media, it’s easy to miss things in the shuffle. This is particularly true with Twitter, and engaging users into ongoing conversations is challenging. Customers are always reaching out to companies through social media. However most of this feedback is getting lost and ignored, and many companies treat Twitter like a traditional broadcast channel, filling their feeds with promotional posts. Just like the other social media channels your company uses,  you should be be building a community and engaging in conversations with customers.

Now with Twitter Nests all of this is possible. Nestivity is a community engagement and management tool for Twitter. Nestvity is the first and only tool that can turn your Twitter handle into a community. Nestivity allows you to connect with your followers in structured conversations organized around topics you choose. You can turn tweets into projects and discussions that are easy for you to moderate, and easy for your followers to find, follow, engage, and share.

With Nestivity your followers are invited to share their experiences, questions, and ideas; which is probably already occurring. The difference is with Nestivity all of that feedback is organized, accessible, and easy to use. Incoming tweets in your community are categorized, sortable, and searchable. Your message is echoed throughout the Twitter universe, and can be shared through other social media networks. As your message is shared, more people will become engaged and join the conversations, strengthening and growing your Twitter community.

All mentions and Tweets from your Twitter account are stored, so you can extend the shelf-life of your conversation threads. This data can also be used to gain deeper understanding of your community.

There is no lack of options for consumers in the fiber industry, so engaging your community and listening to your followers is essential to setting your brand apart from the competition. By engaging and building your community you can gain loyalty from your customers, and improve your business to better fit their needs.

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