Ashleigh Wempe Book Promotion Case Study

Ashleigh Wempe Book Blogger Outreach case study
Marketing & Promotion
About This Project

About this Project

Goal: Secure 4-6 book reviews for Mosaic Knitting Workshop, Ashleigh Wempe’s new knitting pattern book. Finding a variety of reviewers and placements should help ensure greater book sales and visibility for Wempe’s book and brand.


The Strategy

Perform outreach to Stitchcraft Marketing’s roster of bloggers and craft industry creatives. Individual outreach was also performed to bloggers and industry members not on our list, as well as several established craft magazines.


The Results 

Stitchcraft Marketing outperformed the promised list of 4-6 book reviews, securing 7 blogger reviews as well as a spot on Creative Retailer Magazine’s list of “Hot Picks” in the December 2023 issue. Reviews ranged from written blogs to YouTube vlogs, with many also featured across craft bloggers’ social media accounts for added exposure. Reviewers included My So-Called Handmade Life, Angela Tong Designs, Hands Occupied, The Corner of Knit & Tea, and others. 


Ashleigh reports: “The book has done quite well and it’s fun to see people start knitting projects out of it. It went to its second round of printing in August, and it’s being translated into three other languages. I’ll take that as an absolute win for the year. Overall, I think we’ve achieved what I wanted from working with you!”