Thimbles Case Study

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About This Project

About this Project

Goal: Thimbles wanted to connect its Pinterest profile to its Shopify store to automatically post products in real time, grow its Pinterest catalog, and make its Pinterest posts shoppable. This would also carve out space for creating more optimized Pinterest graphics and boards.


The Strategy

In September 2021, Thimbles, a quilting and sewing shop in Lockport, Illinois, expressed a desire to increase their visibility on Pinterest. Stitchcraft Marketing suggested integrating their Shopify catalog with their Pinterest profile in order to create shoppable pins. While manually-posted pins linked back to their website, linking Shopify would automatically update their online catalog to Pinterest so that followers could easily shop for the latest products. Connecting Shopify to Pinterest also generated daily Pinterest posts; as products were added to the Shopify store, they were automatically fed over to Pinterest. This eliminated the need to directly post individual products to Pinterest and created space and time to create optimized Pinterest graphics and generate more targeted Pinterest posts like Idea pins and thematic boards.


The Results

Once Stitchcraft Marketing integrated Shopify with Pinterest and began focusing on more targeted, optimized pin creation, Thimbles saw an overall 20% increase in impressions, a 26% increase in engagements, a 19% increase in total audience, and a 27% increase in engaged audience. In terms of conversions, meaning the number of click throughs from pins that converted into sales, in the immediate 90-day period following the integration, total revenue increased 1,010%, with page visits up 108%. Add to cart via Pinterest increased 406%, checkouts increased 66%, and the average order value increased by 566%