OLFA Case Study

Social Media, Strategy Planning
About This Project

The Goal:

Develop an editorial calendar each month to coordinate all social media campaigns and tie them to larger strategic planning efforts. Create engaging content and schedule content across social media platforms to create seamless marketing campaigns.

The Strategy: 

We developed organizational processes to support the client’s stated goals. Once processes were in place, we participated in strategic planning sessions to define themes and campaigns, developed content for daily posting to support those efforts, facilitated review and approval of content and ultimately scheduled content on various platforms using a third-party scheduler to create seamless campaigns.

The Result:

OLFA was able to refocus efforts on larger strategic initiatives while we handled the development and execution of social media, saving them countless hours in organization, planning, and execution. Within 6 months, OLFA’s Instagram following increased by almost 30%, with measurable increases on other platforms as well.