Pinterest Story Pins Case Study

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About This Project

About this Project

Stitchcraft Marketing strives to be an early adopter of new technologies, learning and testing them to our clients best advantage. In this project, we tested Pinterest’s new Story Pins format for clients in an effort to increase brand awareness and engagement.


The Strategy

In April of 2020, Pinterest started rolling out a Story Pin tool to users, which allows them to combine multiple media elements (graphics, videos, text, etc.) to create a pin that tells a story. Story Pins were designed to create step by step guides that lead users through a project from beginning to end. Pinterest has noted that Story Pins are heavily prioritized in their algorithms, so we strategized ways to use these pins to our clients’ advantage by showcasing their brand story and unique features of their product line.


The Results

We designed Story Pins for two clients (one brand awareness for Freia Fibers, and one promoting a specific yarn and free pattern for the US distributor of Manos del Uruguay) and immediately noticed up to a FIVE-FOLD increase in views and engagement with our Story Pins compared to regular static pins. We can already see the potential in using Story Pins in conjunction with new product releases, for taking deep dives into current products, and creating general brand awareness. If you want to amplify your reach on Pinterest, you need to be creating Story Pins.


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