Stitchcraft Marketing Team Trends Video Case Study

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About This Project

About this Project

Goal: Film the Stitchcraft Marketing team as they share insights about trending crafts to create a polished, edited video interspersing narrative and imagery. This video could then be atomized, and the new content reused as Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other social media content.


The Strategy

While Stitchcraft has written blog posts in the past to share our take on current crafting trends, we wanted to try filming ourselves in a private Zoom session discussing one trend we each found interesting.

Unlike our previous Zoom presentations for trends, which usually occur live for our Office Hours, our aim was to record our session and then edit the video to include music, special effects, and images and videos found in our trend research to present a more polished video for YouTube. This edited video could then be edited further and used for YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. 


The Results 

The 2023 Fall/Winter Craft Trends Video holds steady as our most viewed video on YouTube, with 130% more views than our next most popular video on YouTube (which happens to be a live, unedited trends video!). It boasts between 160-195% more views overall when compared to all the videos on our channel. In terms of impressions, it garnered between 180-193% more impressions than our other videos. We also received more direct subscriptions from the video than all of our other videos. The video was atomized to create a YouTube Short featuring kits as a craft trend, which was also used as an Instagram Reel as the aspect ratio is shared across both platforms. 

This video held a similar run time to our live Office Hours videos, clocking in at approximately 35 minutes, but boasted much higher views overall. We believe the combination of a popular topic (craft trends) plus the polish of music and video editing contributed to its popularity. While it is always a great idea to film and share live videos that are unpolished and natural, we believe creating edited, enhanced videos can be very helpful in boosting your channel and expanding your audience.