Case Study Baskets of Yarn/Stash

Client-logo, Graphics + Creative, Social Media
About This Project

Goal: Develop a new logo for Baskets of Yarn to support rebranding of the business.

The Strategy: Baskets of Yarn started as a retail yarn shop in North Carolina. Over the past few years, the client has expanded to include the fabric and embroidery sectors and wanted a new logo that resonated more strongly with these new areas, while still catering to the yarn sector. The client wanted a design that had energy, simplicity and intrigue.

The Result: Through our strategic branding process, we helped our client Lucy to determine the right look and feel for the design and then we coordinated all aspects of a crowdsourced campaign. The winning designer did a fantastic including the key elements the client was looking for. Yarn is still incorporated into the design via the knitting needle, but the wavy layered lines suggest fabric, thread, or yarn while also bringing energy to the logo. A simple and elegant palette retains the touch of red from the previous logo. When the company is officially renamed STASH in 2019, this new logo will be launched (the previous Baskets of Yarn logo is included here for comparison).