Eucalan: Photo Tutorial Content Creation “Eucalan for Specialty Items”

Eucalan Before and After Example
Branding Strategy, Social Media
About This Project

The Goal: To build trust and brand awareness among parents by instructing consumers on how Eucalan Delicate Wash can help clean a specialty item. Here we focused on a child’s favorite stuffed toy that has non-removable electronics.

The Strategy: Parents frequently turn to the internet with day-to-day questions. Our team worked with Eucalan to identify a how to convey useful tips to this specific group. Begin with a common problem familiar to many parents. Stuffed animals and plush toys get dirty. Provide a visual tutorial to demonstrate how to use Eucalan products to improve the appearance of the toy and remain in working electronic condition. We utilized best practices for clean, simple, and modern photography, and determined that flat lay photography would be the best approach for this style of post.

The Result: This blog post will come up in internet searches, and can be referred back to, shared on social media, thus increasing awareness of the Eucalan brand. By exploring the Eucalan website further, potential customers can find additional ways in which Eucalan can be used to clean delicate and specialty items.