Quilt Mayhem | 99 Designs (VistaPrint) Case Study

Quilt Mayhem Squirrel Design Case Study
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About This Project

About this Project

Goal: Develop an avatar (mascot) for Quilt Mayhem.


The Strategy

Quilt Mayhem is a quilting store located in Snohomish, WA. The mascot will be used in marketing and social instances. Stitchcraft Marketing discussed the characteristics of the desired mascot considering the company tone and voice, current brand colors, features, styling, mood, and pop culture references. 


The Results

Through our strategic branding process, we helped our client determine the right look and feel for the design and then we coordinated all aspects of a crowdsourced campaign. The winning designer did a fantastic job of including the key elements the client was looking for: the squirrel is active, lively, and showcased in a variety of poses related to quilting and sewing. The character had a tattoo like the owner and lastly, the design incorporates the brand colors, which are woven throughout the website and other social media platforms.