Thimbles Quilts Case Study

Marketing & Promotion
About This Project

About this Project

Goal: During the COVID-19 pandemic, and state orders closing Thimbles Quilts’ brick & mortar store, pivot quickly to online commerce to continue revenue streams.


The Strategy

Prior to 2020, Thimbles Quilts had not focused on e-commerce, as that sales channel had been unsuccessful and customers preferred to purchase in person (where they could see and touch the products prior to purchase). The first challenge was to quickly update the website to include available inventory. The second challenge was to communicate to customers that online shopping was now available. Here, Stitchcraft Marketing helped Thimbles Quilts develop a cohesive social media campaign launching online shopping as well as evergreen blog content focused on guiding customer purchasing decisions.


The Results

As a result of pivoting to online commerce, the client’s online sales took off, enabling the business to thrive even during difficult economic conditions. Fabric sales were up during the time the brick & mortar was closed to the public, and Thimbles also saw an increase in sewing machines sales, particularly the lower end models due to people wanting to make masks. Before COVID, customers never visited the website, but now they check in weekly to see what’s new. Thimbles Quilts is committed to continuing online commerce as part of its permanent sales strategy.