Written by Mari Chiba Luke


Last week we announced stitchlove, a new project for the June 2017 TNNA trade show. We hope you’ll join us, here’s a post by Mari on why this project is important to her. In 2016, I went to both the…

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Grow Your Instagram Following & Drive Traffic To Your Website

The Instagram Power-Up is a 1-month boost to increase activity, traffic, and impact of an Instagram channel for our clients. We’ve seen a lot of activity and engagement shift from other social media channels over to Instagram. The importance of…

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Craftivism: The Impact Of The Pussy Hat

In our previous blog post, we discussed Craftivism’s resurgence during the Women’s March at the end of January. Crafting has become the face of this movement; just look at the front page of the New York Times and the covers…

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Instagram Automation: InstaPlus Experiment & Review

If you take any online business class or read an article about growing your brand’s Instagram following, they’ll all say that one of the best ways to gain new followers is by engaging with them. This means liking, commenting, and…

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Craftivism and How It Impacts Your Craft Business

  At the end of January, many LYSOs and yarn companies saw a surge in sales of pink yarn as knitters and crocheters stitched up hats for the Women’s March. The demand was so high there were reports of big…

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