Kollage SQUARE Photography Case Study

Marketing & Promotion
About This Project

About this Project

Goal: Shoot photos of kollage SQUARE™ products using lifestyle and flat lay photography to develop a robust portfolio of high quality images for use in marketing and promotion materials. 


The Strategy

Kollage SQUARE™ was purchased by new owners in December 2019, and the company is embarking on a relaunch of its high-quality products. While the owners of kollage SQUARE™ have manufacturing expertise, they are new to the crafting industry. They had very few photography assets and only a few members on staff are crafters. They wanted to photography to highlight that kollage SQUARE™ Knitting Needles are designed to be ergonomic, decreasing stress and strain for those who love knit. SQUARE™ Needles enable crafters to knit faster with more uniform stitches and are perfect for knitters who have arthritis, carpal tunnel or stiffness in their hands and fingers. Stitchcraft Marketing created a portfolio of images to convey the superior quality of the product and versatility in uses in a mix of product and lifestyle photography.


The Results

Though it is still early in the process, the new photos are increasing engagement on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) and we hope they will lead to increased sales. The image portfolio Stitchcraft Marketing created belongs to Kollage SQUARE™ and they are able to use all images in any manner they see fit in perpetuity.

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