Is your Marketing like Dumbo or like the Amazing Spider Man?

Is your Marketing like Dumbo or like the Amazing Spider Man?

Are You Marketing like Dumbo or like Spider Man?

For Spring Break this year I went to a bunch of theme parks in Orlando with my 11 year old daughter.

Newsflash: Rides are NOT your mother’s rides anymore. The new simulator rides have you in a special interactive car that moves in tandem with a (sometimes 3D) movie. As the car moves inside the dark “theatre” there is also 2D scenery. You feel like you’re really in the middle of the action and it’s absolutely thrilling! If you’re the curious type, here’s an HD video of the ride someone recorded of the Spider Man ride:

I started thinking about WHY these new rides are so captivating. Of course you’re thrust right into the action but more importantly, I felt like the center of attention. For example, with the Spider Man ride, the 3D Spidey character actually jumps right on my car and points at me and beckons ME to help him capture the bad guys (time stamp :46 in the video above). Unlike your traditional ride, this one felt customized just for me.

The same can be said for your marketing campaign….

Are your tools more like the generic and (dare I suggest) boring Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride or customized and compelling like the Amazing Spider Man ride?

Through social media you have a unique opportunity to connect with more people across a wide geographic area in a way that was previously unimaginable. When customers feel intimately connected and appreciated by a company they are much more likely to give strong personal recommendations because they feel loyal to you.  By recognizing your customers for their hard work and talent, you also elevate your own company by association.

How can you be the Super Hero for your social media programs?

● Reach out to your bloggers:

Utilize Google alerts and Google Blogs to help you see when people mention your brand in their blog. If they’ve posted a project knit in your yarn or a review be sure to share the post and give credit on all your social media channels. Bloggers will appreciate having their message spread and recognized by a big company.

● Ravelry Comments:

Seek out projects made with your yarns. Having a stellar project recognized by the yarn manufacturer can be quite thrilling for the average Ravelry user who assumes that the big yarn companies are lead by faceless people. A simple comment can show that there’s a real person behind the company, and help people to feel connected and proud of their project.

● Designers

The industry is currently being lead by personalities and people more than products. Designers can be a great ally of propelling your brand to their audience. Engage with users on social media, promote their posts, and they’ll see you as a company that values designers and would be great to work with.

● Free Content:

Giving away free content, whether that’s a pattern, a tip, or a fun image shows that you’re generous to your customers. If you require an email address to download a pattern you are telling your customer “I’m going to send you lots of emails to sell you our products” but if you give away free content your company gives the impression that it is generous and knowledgable.

● Segment your newsletter:

Your newsletter is a great tool to reach crafty customers but which ones? Do you sell weaving, spinning, embroidery and crochet products? While there is certainly value in cross-selling to your customers, they will open your newsletters more often if they feel confident that the content you’re delivering is relevant to them.

 Remember, when conducting your social media campaign, you want the car to rumble, you want water falling from the sky and YOU want to be the Super Hero asking your customers to do battle for YOUR brand.


Leanne Pressly
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