Behind The Scenes of a Stitchcraft Photo Shoot

Behind The Scenes of a Stitchcraft Photo Shoot

As part of our popular pattern support program we offer photography to our clients who are creating pattern design collections with us and a photography/consulting package for independent designers looking to take their pattern photography to the next level. Today’s post is a look at all the work that goes into creating the images which sell yarn and patterns!

We’re lucky to work with talented photographer Caro Sheridan of Splityarn, well known for her Crafty Class, Shoot It! When working on a pattern collection, all the samples arrive and we measure all of the samples to make sure they match the schematics on the patterns. We also take photos of all the garments to help us with our styling spreadsheets and to give the tech editor a photo reference when editing the patterns.

Stitchcraft Marketing Design Coordinator Mari  Luke works on styling all of the garments according to the theme of the collection, buying clothes for every collection to ensure that each maintains its own unique theme and styling.  Then Mari and Caro talk about locations to fit the theme.

Here, all the garments and styling pieces are laid out in the order they will be photographed for a photo shoot at Harrisville Designs.

samples laid out, Stitchcraft Marketing photo shoot


We often don’t shoot in the same season as when the patterns will be released, so this means we have to get creative with locations. We also work with professional models who are great at pretending it’s the right season!

Here’s a photo from the Louet Spring 2014 photo shoot. As you can see Mari is wearing a jacket, cowl, and mittens–it was 34 degrees in November and very windy on the Charles River in Boston.

web res-16745

And here’s Doran, pretending it’s warm. You wouldn’t know it’s so cold out from the look on her face! web res-16697


Are you a designer or yarn company owner who could use a little help with positioning and photographing your pieces? Stitchcraft Marketing offers consulting and photography packages to fit every budget. See our website here for more information or give us a contact us to discuss your particular needs. 



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