The New Trend in Marketing: Voice Search

The New Trend in Marketing: Voice Search

Today we’re going to discuss a hot new trend in marketing, voice search.


Voice search is using your voice, and your words, to request assistance from a digital virtual assistant.  Think about Siri from Apple or Alexa from Amazon; these are two of the most popular voice search assistants. Even now, you can ask Siri or Alexa to find information or complete actions by using simple words or phrases. Statistics suggest that people are making increasing use of voice search over text search (i.e. typing words or questions into a search engine), and that by 2020 more than half of all searches will be voice searches (via ComScore).  And Gartner predicts that in the next few years as many as 30% of searches will be done without a screen (via Mediapost).

Why is voice search important to your creative business?  In the future, will people be able to find your website and your business services using voice search? How will people navigate using your own website or engaging with your services?



In the past, we have written articles about search engine optimization (SEO), and the importance of using keywords to improve search results and drive traffic to your creative businesses.  Voice search adds another layer to that. Typically, voice search will consist or more than a keyword or two, and will involve some sort of a question or command. These longer phrases, called long-tail keywords will help your customers find your business through voice search.  For example, previously you may have used a keyword like “hand-dyed” to promote your creative business selling hand-dyed yarns.  A long-tail keyword voice search might include the phrase “Where can I buy hand-dyed yarn?” Think about voice search as a conversation between you and your customer.  What questions might your customer ask you that you can answer ahead of time? This of preparing for voice search like creating a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) in advance.



In developing your long-tail keywords you have an opportunity to hone in on what needs you are fulfilling for your customers.  Are you providing your customers with information like posting craft tutorials, technique demonstrations, creative ideas or exercises? Are you allowing your customers to more easily navigate by finding specific content or a product on your website? Or are you allowing your customers to engage in a specific business transaction with you?  The creative content, goods or services that you provide should drive your development of long-tail keywords based on the kinds of questions you already receive from your customers. You can also incorporate feedback from current and new customers on how they find you.

Given the statistics, voice search seems like a trend that is here to stay (via Branded3). How will you use it to make your business successful?

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