Why #branding Is SO Important!

Why #branding Is SO Important!


Wool and the Gang: Getting their message across big and bold.


It doesn’t matter if you are a local yarn store, yarn manufacturer, or an independent designer: BRANDING IS KEY! With today’s social media outlets, it’s not even difficult to establish a following via the use of branded hashtags.

An amazing example is Wool and the Gang. They are rocking their marketing through the use of hashtags on their website, social media, photos and newsletters.


From the www.woolandthegang.com website

In the photo to the right, even their shopping bag has their specialty hashtag #madeunique on it. It also appears on the bottom of each and every one of their newsletters in a large graphic, followed by links to their social media outlets.

Their hashtag is short, catchy and unique to the company. When choosing your own branding hashtag, make sure you research if it’s already being used by someone else, or is too generic. The objective is to keep it short and sweet so consumers are more likely to use it. Be sure to also use it yourself when promoting the brand or event and post about it at least once a day through social media to raise awareness.

A good time to use this type of branding is when you have a special event happening. Customers can share their progress with you during a KAL, retreat, special class or use of a custom colorway through your customized hashtags. #crazysexywool is one of Wool and the Gang’s yarns and currently has over 1600 mentions via Instagram. Their company name #woolandthegang has over 18,000 on Instagram alone!!

Why is this such a useful tool? Hashtags are easy to use and will help your brand be easily shared as well as give you extra material to use for blog content and re-shares onto your company’s pages. Customers love to see their work being acknowledged!


Wool and the Gang’s Instagram has #’s that are easy to mimic


Don’t miss a chance to show off that branding. Wool And The Gang uses theirs in the logo/profile photo on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, inside their description and on all of their own postings.

To summarize:

  1. Hashtags should be short, catchy and unique.
  2. Make sure to use them yourself across all platforms! #usethem.
  3. Post AT LEAST once a day to remind people to also #usethem.

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Leanne Pressly
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