Changing The Fiber Industry

Changing The Fiber Industry

Ravelry has changed the fiber industry in a wonderful way. It has created a platform for independent designers to publish patterns and reach a wide audience that didn’t exist before it. It has also created a huge database of information that is invaluable to everyone in the fiber industry with its database of yarns and the heaps of information that is available in the forums. Through Ravelry fiber enthusiasts from all over the world are able to connect with each other.

Wooly is an app that aims to bring Ravelry to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and hopefully android devices too. We thoroughly believe that his will be another revolutionary development for the fiber industry. Currently Wooly allows you to access your data on Ravelry, and functions as a reader for the notebook section of the user’s account and also features a photo editor that allows you to take and edit photos to upload directly to your Ravelry account.

The developers of Wooly, John and David Stys, two brothers who love to knit, are currently working on developing a better, more powerful version of Wooly: Wooly 2. They currently are running a Kickstarter campaign, and we encourage you to give your support before August 7th, when the campaign ends. The new version expands the app into a full app that will allow users to use many of the features they love so much on Ravelry, but with an interface that is compatible with mobile devices on a beautiful new platform. Here are just a few of the new features that Wooly 2 will include:

  • Pattern Search!
  • Offline access – your notebook content stored on your device
  • Filter and sort results
  • Add to queue
  • Cast on/create a project from a pattern
  • Sharing
  • Projects (list, create, edit, add photos, share)
  • Queue (add to queue, re-order, edit, share)
  • Stash (view list, details, edit, add, yards remaining, share)
  • Needles (view inventory chart, add/edit/delete needles, share)
  • Friends (view friends and their projects
  • Messages (Ravelry inbox, read and compose)

We can’t wait to see Wooly 2! People are increasingly using their phones to search the web and interact on social media. It’s time that the fiber industry joined the trend, and facilitated its community to more easily interact on mobile devices. We believe that Wooly 2 is the answer to this void, just like Ravelry was back in 2007.

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