Is it Time to Refresh Your Logo?

Is it Time to Refresh Your Logo?

As a crafty brand or business, having a great logo is a crucial part of your marketing efforts. It is the first look at your brand’s personality and should convey a sense of your identity and provide a strong visual representation of your mission.

While logos should remain consistent over time to be recognizable, there are factors that may make you consider a change. Shifts in style trends, changes within your business, a desire to  expand your audience, or the rise of new competitors can all mean it’s time for a refresh. Or, the design may no longer represent the brand it once served well.

 No matter what the motivation, redesigning a logo can seem like an overwhelming task. You may be tempted to put it off, but your logo should give some insight into your business and what you do. When you’re ready for a refresh, here are 5 things to keep in mind when updating your brand elements.


Is your brand outdated?

It could be time to redesign your logo if it’s outdated. Whether it is too detailed or has elements that age it significantly, it’s probably time for a visual upgrade before your customers begin to think your brand is obsolete.


How fresh are your colors?

As crafters, we know about the power of colors and how they connect to memory. Your logo and signature brand color(s) can increase brand recognition with your customers. Colors that don’t make sense with your brand will only end up hurting it. Don’t forget about issues of accessibility as well. Certain colors when paired together create accessibility issues for people with visual disabilities. Check your color choices against online resources like this palette generator from Cloudflare Design. 

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Is your logo communicating your business?

If you are a maker of a premium green tea, your logo should probably incorporate the word tea in it. A logo mark without a name or industry indicator, used in isolation, will likely confuse customers, as it gives them no indication who you are and what you do. Your customers need to clearly see who you are and how your products can enhance their lifestyle and contribute to their creative enjoyment.

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Can your logo respond to devices?

These days, it’s important to remember that anything online will be viewed on different devices and must respond accordingly—the same goes for your logo. Scalability is key. When your logo appears at a small size, like an Instagram profile image, it needs to be just as identifiable as it is when it’s as large as a billboard. Creating alternate design variations for different sizes will help ensure consistency. For instance, maybe your Instagram avatar is your logo icon, but your website header is the full image plus your business name.


Are there defined branding standards?

It’s important to have clearly defined guidelines for your logo and brand. From colors, to fonts, to placement and usage standards, these guidelines help in the logo creation process. They will also help others that may unintentionally misuse or distort your logo, leading to confusion. Consider creating a Style Guide that will help direct usage and include Pantone/Hex colors, and all the information someone would need when creating marketing materials.

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Are you interested in a brand refresh? Stitchcraft Marketing can guide you through every stage of the logo redesign or rebranding process. We will make sure your logo or brand is crafted in a way that speaks to your industry while connecting to your target audience. Check out a few of our logo redesign examples in our portfolio and contact us today to get started! 


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