Why You Need Pattern Support

Why You Need Pattern Support

If you’ve been in a yarn store, fiber festival, or any other place where people are buying yarn than you know that patterns sell yarn. This isn’t news to anyone. The question is, are you providing enough patterns to your customers?

If you’re a yarn company…
All the big names in the industry are providing both free and paid patterns for their yarns to their customers. Basic ribbed hats won’t be enough either. People want creative interesting patterns that spark the imagination and inspire them to craft. More than ever there are lots of options for shoppers in the yarn marketplace, and in order to compete you must have patterns that people want to knit.

Whether you’re an indy dyer working from your kitchen sink or you own your own spinning mill the fact is the same: you need patterns that highlight the best qualities of your yarn. But what if you don’t have the skill/time/desire to write knitting patterns, and you can’t afford to pay an in house designer like some of the big brands? There are other options!


If you’re a yarn store you also need to provide pattern support to your customers! For yarn stores it’s not important to have your own patterns (though they are a great bonus!) what’s important is having a great collection of samples and patterns that highlight your yarns and meet the needs of your unique market.

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