The Importance Of Instagram

The Importance Of Instagram

Is your company active on Instagram? Today’s blog post is all about why every company should have an Instagram presence.

  1. Instagram is visual–as a business catering to creative people a visual medium is the perfect way to connect and inspire your target consumer. What knitter doesn’t want to see beautiful new colors of yarn?
  2. Connect with influencers–the most powerful marketing comes from friends, family, or someone you follow. You can reach your ideal audience for your brand and connect with them on Instagram.
  3. Reach ALL of your followers–unlike Facebook Instagram doesn’t filter who sees your posts.

A few things to keep in mind about Instagram: 

– There is no way of embedding external links into your posts. You can, however, put a link in your profile. You can also change the link in your profile if you’re running a specific campaign and direct people to view your profile for a link.

– Using a hashtag can increase the visibility of your post to a wider audience and help people to find your company. Below is a graph that shows some of the most popular fiber related hashtags and the number of posts using those tags.

Stitchcraft Marketing IG graph

In our next post we’ll be talking about Instagram best practices to help you maximize your engagement and impact on this popular and powerful social media platform.

Leanne Pressly
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