Business of Craft Podcast Round-Up November

Business of Craft Podcast Round-Up November

Business of Craft Podcast Round Up

The Business of Craft podcast presents interviews with a diverse range of experts from the craft industry. Guests share their proven strategies for success and thoughts on the ever-evolving trends. Subscribe to the show and each new episode will be available immediately in your listening library! Twenty episodes are available to help you craft a better business. Click here for the podcast archive.


Business of Craft Topics

Each episode explores a topic by breaking it down to clarify not just why these points are important for your business but how to immediately put these ideas into play. Listen to each 30-45 minute episode during your commute, walking on the treadmill, lunch break, or while you are working on your craft project.


Our host, Leanne Pressly, keeps the conversation focused because your time is important. Of course, we do indulge in a bit of fun to learn more about our guest’s lighter side. Our most recent episodes are highlighted below.


Episode Highlights

Business of Craft Episode 20: Gale Zucker, photography star in the knitting world and established photojournalist, discusses photography tips, editing software, and trends to best spotlight your products.


Business of Craft Episode 19: Leanne Pressly, of Stitchcraft Marketing explains the Know, Like, and Trust funnel, which is critical to building a relationship with your consumer.


Business of Craft Episode 18: Ted Hoffman, of Clothworks, discusses the Farm to Fabric movement and the triple bottom line.


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