Business of Craft 2019 Podcast Recap

Business of Craft 2019 Podcast Recap

The Business of Craft podcast in 2019 featured guests and topics that covered timely issues of importance to small business owners across the crafts industry. Each episode explores a topic by breaking it down to clarify not just why these points are important for your business but how to immediately put these ideas into play.

Each 30-45 minute episode is the right length to listen to during your commute, lunch break, while you are out for a walk or working on a current craft project. Here a few of the highlights from 2019 and a hint at how the podcast plans to evolve in 2020. 


Episode 65:  Felicia Lo discusses the choice to slow down and focus on intentional growth in her business. 

Episode 63: TL Robinson shares her journey about leaving her corporate job to take the leap and follow her passion into creating natural body care products. 

Episode 59 Kristy Glass discusses fear and growing a business when your hobby becomes your job. 

Episode 52: Rohit Bhargava explains Non-Obvious trends for small business owners, including fake influencers and crowdcasting. 


Plans are already underway for new episodes in 2020. Season two is set booked to launch in February, 2020 with a theme of “Wantrepreneurs”. The shows in season two specifically emphasize how to get started in a craft business, so stay tuned! 

Business of Craft is available on Stitcher, Google Play, and iTunes and we thank you for checking out the episodes! If you’re enjoying the show, please share it with your friends and colleagues. it’s safe to assume there are others who would also enjoy it. Help others them find the podcastit by taking a few minutes to rate, review, and subscribe to Business of Craft on iTunes. Or, if you use Stitcher, you can leave a review right here. Those actions directly help in ranking the show and we appreciate your time!.  

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