August episodes of Business of Craft podcast round up

Business of Craft Podcast Round-Up August

The Business of Craft podcast is for crafty business owners, bringing a diverse range of experts to you to share their proven strategies for success all in less than an hour. Episodes are published on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of the month. Click here for the podcast archive; it’s never too late to start crafting a better business.


Business of Craft Topics

Each episode explores a topic by breaking it down to clarify not just why these points are important for your business but how to immediately put these ideas into play. Episodes are 30-45 minutes in length so that you can listen during a commute, lunch break, or while going for a walk.


Our host, Leanne Pressly, keeps the conversation focused because your time is important. Of course, we do indulge in a bit of fun to learn more about our guest’s lighter side. There’s a bit of coffee, beer, book recommendations, and a few other surprises!


Episode Highlights

Business of Craft Episode 11: Alex Krupski of Predictive ROI reviews the basics of Google Analytics and the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices for crafty business owners. Alex also has a gift for the Business of Craft audience, a free SEO Guide!


Business of Craft Episode 10: Amy Small of Knit Collage shares her experience with fear and lessons learned from failures.


Business of Craft Episode 9: Kara Gott-Warner of the Power Purls Podcast emphasizes the benefits of having a coach to cultivate your creative business.


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