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Business of Craft Podcast Round-Up July

Last month, we launched Business of Craft, a podcast especially for crafty business owners which publishes on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of each month. Our first eight episodes feature a diverse range of experts sharing their proven strategies for success – all in less than an hour.  


Business of Craft Topics

Each episode explores a topic by breaking it down to clarify not just why these points are important for your business but how to immediately put these ideas into play. Episodes are 30-45 minutes in length so that you can listen during a commute, lunch break, or while going for a walk. It’s all about helping you craft a better business.


Our host, Leanne Pressly, keeps the conversation focused because your time is important. Of course, we do indulge in a bit of fun to learn more about our guest’s lighter side. There’s a bit of Disney, Batman, poetry, baking, side projects and a few other surprises.


Episode Highlights

Business of Craft Episode 8: Lori Highby, of Keystone Click, discusses Facebook Ads, including targeting and analytics. Lori also has a special offer of a free guide to break down best practices for a Facebook Live event.


Business of Craft Episode 7: Stephen Woessner, of Predictive ROI, explains “Lead Generation.” Learn what it is, why it’s important, and how to court your customers to grow your business.


Business of Craft Episode 6: Leanne Pressly, Stitchcraft Marketing, hosts a solocast and webinar to walk you through 7 Steps to Freshen Your Website in 7 Days.


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