Business of Craft 2018 Round-Up

Business of Craft 2018 Round-Up

Business of Craft, the bimonthly podcast of Stitchcraft Marketing, explores topics and questions on the minds of crafty business owners and entrepreneurs just like you. Our host, Leanne Pressly, and guest delve deeper into the topic by clarifying the important points and sharing ways in which action can be taken right away!

Each 30-45 minute episode is the right length to listen to during your commute, while you are out for a walk, or while you are working on your craft project. As the year draws to a close, we want to spotlight a few of our top interviews. Our guests share their secret sauce, practical pointers, and we indulge in their lighter side, too!

Top Business of Craft Episodes of 2018

By the year’s end we will have 47 episodes available, but where should you start? Let’s take a look at the top episodes of 2018.

Business of Craft Episode 26 Vickie Howell

In Episode 26, Leanne talks with Vickie Howell, a true success story in personal branding.  We talk about her launch of the first tv-quality yarn crafting show and visual cues that are important in building a personal brand.

Business of Craft Episode 30

Joe McClain is the CEO of the organization Help Heal Veterans. Their mission is to provide therapeutic craft kits to every veteran who wants them. Episode 30 is all about this charitable organization.

Business of Craft Ep33 Chris Wright

There is no escaping digital advertising and it is not going anywhere. Chris Wright of Prime Publishing has a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. In his interview with Leanne in Episode 33, he shares his take on the current landscape and shares some best practices for our listeners.

Listener Questions

We also have episodes devoted to answering questions from our listeners. Maybe 2019 is the year you will redesign your brand logo, plan an effective social media plan, or consider available options in print advertising.

Episode 41 Business of Craft Leanne Pressly

Leanne Pressly Episode 36 Business of Craft

Episode 29 Solocast Print Advertising Show Notes

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