Tweeting for Yarn Shops and Knitting Companies

Tweeting for Yarn Shops and Knitting Companies

In my last posting, I blogged about the social media tool, Twitter and the many reasons WHY it’s so important for yarn shops and yarn businesses to establish Twitter accounts for your main identities. At the very least, set up an account for your knitting business or yarn shop name and your personal name—even if you never tweet in your entire life. It’s just smart identity protection. Read that post here.

Today, I’ll just give you some quickie marketing suggestions on how LYSO’s and yarn/ knitting companies can and should be using Twitter. First, I present the mother-of-all success stories: Dell Computer. If you’ve got a minute to read this article  from the gal who actually tweets for Dell, Stefanie N. it’s an interesting read.  Basically, she started out with “twitter exclusive offers” which were “retweeted” or repeated on Twitter creating an ever expanding message.

SO, why can’t YOU offer twitter-only offers for your yarn shop? Here’s a few tips to get you started:

1) Prepare a list of Twitter-only offers you can make in one month (yarn discounts, special knitting offers etc..) so you don’t have to think about it 2 minutes after you log into your Twitter account.

2) Keep it clever and funny. With so many tweets, you need to stand out and give people a reason to hone in on your postings.  “Novelty Yarn Sale, First 100 people to pound down the door get a free pair of 1990’s acid wash jeans”

3) Mix your offers with other interesting tweets— DON’T just be selling in your Tweets or you’ll be losing followers.  New yarn colors, new books, Class announcements (on the day of class?) are all good info.

4) Make your Tweets time-sensitive and include the call to action (which I’ve bolded and italicized here): “Come in before 5pm friday and ask for a free sample of the new Ravelry SOAK scent sample with any purchase” . Use Tinyurl to truncate longer website addy’s to get it all in 140 character limit that Twitter imposes.

4) After you’ve sent out a couple of tweets, follow others who might be interested in your shop. I use Monitter for live twitter feeds which you can search for key terms. For example, if your shop is in Dallas, Type in Dallas+Knitting, or the name of your shop to see who’s tweeting about those terms. Then follow them. They’ll likely follow you back.

5) Once you get rolling, consider some tools to help you manage Twitter. I use Tweetdeck to categorize the people I follow into “knitterati” “shops” “friends” etc… and I use Hootsuite to schedule tweets and monitor brands.  Check out this article in the Top 10 twitter tools to organize your Tweeps. which lists even more apps to help you  navigate the Twitter world.

Don’t worry dear yarn shop owner, I know this may seem very daunting and impossible– but it will be worth it



when you DO have people banging down the door for the new Malabrigo worsted merino in Ravelry Red in that just arrived.  The knitting world right now is VERY dialed into community and exclusivity… you can take advantage of those two traits with Twitter.

 If you think sticking an Addi Turbo in your eye sounds more fun than all this… I’m happy to put you on my social media monitoring and marketing program and get you started, or do it all for you. Just send me an email at

Good Business to you! Leanne

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