The Wool Wide What?

The Wool Wide What?

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE stories about how businesses were born. Here is mine:

As an advertising sales rep for a national knitting magazine, I spent several years talking to shop owners and what I call “yarnie entrepreneurs” about what marketing efforts gave them the best bang for the buck.

Consistently, I heard that “e-newsletters” and “social media” were doing very well for them. Most of them had experienced good returns from magazine ads but when the recession hit some of the smaller businesses REALLY struggled to get a good return on their investment and they wanted more accountability and statistical tracking.  Again and again, they told me they were investing more marketing money into the online world.

Then, in the March 2009 issue of Yarn Market News, I saw a chart (on page 26 for those with hardcopy) that summarized  the State of Specialty Needlearts survey results on various marketing methods. 

Here is a quickie summary of the items that “increased sales a lot”

1)     Customer word of mouth……………………. 76%

2)     E-mail Newsletter……………………………… 56%

3)     Classes  & Workshops ……………………..56%

4)     Attractive product displays ……………..52%

 I realized right in that very moment that there was a need for an e-newsletter service for the yarnie entrepreneurs out there.  The Wool Wide Web was born.

If you’re that yarn shop owner or yarnie entrepreneur deluged with “tasks” that don’t seem to include getting out your business e-newsletter then this service may be for you! I’m also going to be offering social media services such as reputation monitoring and Twitter, Facebook and other Knitting community sites. Browse the site and give me your comments!

PS- from November through the end of the year, I’m taking “beta” clients for free. Email me at if you’re interested in participating. This offer is ONLY open to yarnie businesses.

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  • Shannon Okey (knitgrrl)
    Posted at 13:00h, 22 October Reply

    We did a survey on my blog last year ( that asked about what social media people were using and got some really great (and surprising!) information. People are finding their info in different places now than they were one or two years ago, and acting on things differently.

  • Deborah Robson
    Posted at 19:45h, 23 October Reply

    Definitely finding more results through digital media. We live in interesting times.

  • Cheryl Dawson
    Posted at 18:04h, 22 November Reply

    I think this is an amazing and original idea Leanne and I am excited to see where you are in the next couple of years.

    I agree also about digital media vs. magazine advertising.

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