Adding Video to Your Business in 2017

Adding Video to Your Business in 2017

Many trend forecasters agree that video has been surging forward as the top way to communicate of a brand’s identity, especially in recent years. For a long time, this was centralized to YouTube, the first video uploading, hosting, and sharing site on the internet. You may remember some “viral videos” from about 10 years ago that you’d see on MySpace or the early days of Facebook. However, video content has evolved over the years into something much more than 30 seconds of fame, and with this evolution, it’s becoming more critical to adopt video into your social media strategy. The rise of mobile devices and ubiquitous access to the internet means that nearly everyone is engaged online somewhere for a few hours each day. With a decline in TV watching and ad-free streaming platforms, how do you get your brand in front of people? Become the entertainment they want to watch!

Facebook has allowed static video uploading for awhile now, but the recent addition of Facebook Live has changed the face of video for the rest of the social media industry. Instagram has also added a live feature, and Snapchat, while having been ahead of Instagram with video, is boosting its capabilities to better serve their users.

How can you use video to increase followers and influence others to take part in the message of your brand? In this post, we’ll cover 4 ways to connect, engage, and sell with video.

  1. YouTube Channel with “Evergreen” Content

YouTube has become the place for great content in all genres: DIY projects, make-up tutorials, news, cooking, unboxing, vlogging, etc. – and it isn’t going away anytime soon. While it is true that short and sweet videos don’t normally do well on YouTube, the platform is great for tutorials, interviews, factory tours, and the like. In-depth content that is informational, useful, and not necessarily time-dependent is best.

YouTube has recently changed their algorithms, which benefit content creators who are consistent with posting videos. On top of that, videos that are longer in length are being rated higher in search results on YouTube, thus giving them preference over other videos that are shorter and have not been posted on a consistent basis. This “long-form” style of video is easily shareable, and once people know what to expect from your channel, they’ll come back time after time.

A great example of this type of content is from Very Pink Knits, a YouTube Channel by Staci Perry, devoted to knitting and crochet techniques.

  1. Start or Revive your Video Podcast

Podcasts are another great source of content for your channel, and help breathe life, energy, and personality into your brand. A few years ago, podcasts were generally only audio, but with the accessibility of cameras, camera phones and the rise of YouTube, audio started to evolve into video. Having a podcast is a lot like having a virtual knit-night! While it might be scary and intimidating at first, getting in front of a camera and talking to it isn’t always the most natural, but if you approach it as though you’re talking to your friends, customers, or family, you’ll ease right into it.

While there are a plethora of knitting podcasts out there, you can set yourself apart by showcasing your personality and interests (both within and without the fiber arts world) – for every podcaster there is an audience, and there will be one for you, too! You can start by talking about your projects that you’re working on, recently completed projects, techniques you learned along the way. The important thing is that you need to inject yourself into your content. What makes you unique? Do you have a specific interest that you can capitalize on? At the very end, you can share what’s new at the shop or factory! Did you just dye up a new color for 2017? Share it! Very little is off limits with video podcast (within reason) and by opening up the conversation with your audience, you’ll learn more about your customer, and what they like.

  1. Facebook Live Events

Though still relatively new (early- to mid- 2016), Facebook Live has been making a huge splash across the social-media sphere. This medium of video is great for sharing quick news, events, ideas, or holiday greetings – you’re only limited by your imagination!

This immediacy gives your brand the human element that people are craving. Consumers are shying away from businesses and would much rather buy from actual people. With Facebook Live, there is freedom that comes with the inability to edit or change anything once you record. You can go into it unscripted and totally genuine. While these videos do stay on your page, the nature of these moments is that they are fleeting, and that people will generally not see it/watch it again and again. Take this opportunity to go behind the scenes in an “exclusive look” for your followers. This is also a great way to generate new likes for your page.

Facebook’s algorithm has been favoring these videos, therefore adding some extra bang for your buck – you won’t need to boost the post to get it in front of more eyes. This may change as time goes on and more people adopt live streaming into their social media use, but in the meantime, take advantage of the novelty of this platform. Many brands have seen success by doing this at trade-shows, special events and the like. If you offer a yarn club, maybe you can do a monthly unveiling once customers have received their packages. Vickie Howell uses Facebook Life for her #AskMeMonday feature she does every week answering questions from followers about knitting. Be creative, this medium is still relatively new and data on what works and doesn’t work is still coming in!

  1. Instagram Stories

While most of instagram remains to be centering around photos, videos are starting to crop up more in the main feed, but mostly in the new stories feed. The stories feature on Instagram allows users to post photos and videos that last only 24 hours, making it an even more transitory medium to post in. This can be utilized as another way to show off the human side of your company, allowing you to veer away slightly from the more manicured and polished side of your main feed. Use this space to reach your most devoted followers by offering them a special flash-discount, or saying hello. You can also give them a look inside your creative process, which builds trust and fosters a connection with your followers.

If you would like to explore adding video to your social media program, or would like to work with an influencer that already has a great audience, contact for more information.

Benjamin Krudwig

Benjamin lives in Colorado with his opera singer wife and two cats, taking full advantage of the beautiful Rocky Mountain weather. He is an all-around fiber-art fanatic with skills ranging from knitting and crochet to spinning and weaving. He picked up knitting as a kid for fun, and later he taught himself crochet to combat test-anxiety in college while receiving his B.A.s in Evolutionary and Ecological Biology and Studio Arts. Little did he know that he was going to fall head first down the yarny rabbit hole. Benjamin’s designs and patterns can be seen in publications of Spin-Off, Handwoven, The Twist Collective and other industry magazines. You can follow along with his other design ventures on his website.

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